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    Indoor Air Quality Minneapolis

    Indoor Air Quality Minneapolis

    Your Minneapolis home’s indoor air quality is a huge determinant of your health. It makes sense, you spend a large chunk of your time—be it asleep or awake—at your home, breathing in the air there. The amount of air you breathe in your own home makes up a large portion of the air going into your lungs. If that air is polluted, it is bound to affect your health. Your home’s air quality should be a top priority for your health and the health of your loved ones. HVAC Minneapolis can help regulate the indoor air quality of your home.  

    HVAC Maintenance & Cleaning in Minneapolis

    One of the best things you can do to ensure clean indoor air is keep up on regular HVAC maintenance and cleaning. Your heating and cooling units affect the air that is circulated throughout your home. When dust and debris clog the filters of these units, it can mean that dirty air is being pushed out into your home. By regularly maintaining your HVAC system with HVAC Minneapolis, you can eliminate the hazards that cause polluted air in your home. They will clean off the buildup that accumulates on your air conditioning unit or heater. Routine maintenance and cleaning should happen about every six months. However, if you have pets, this should happen more often as their hair and dander can clog filters faster and lower the air quality significantly.

    Ventilation Systems in Minneapolis

    You may have a problem with your ventilation that could be causing poor indoor air quality. If your air ducts have blockage, gaps, or holes, it could cause problems. Dust and debris may enter through openings in the ducts or moisture may build up in the vents. Moisture can cause mold to form and pollute the air. 

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